A Good Day

On January 21st we were honored to accept a Top Revenue Partner of the Year award at the Good Technology SKO conference! We are proud that iAnnotate is the number one selling app in the Good ecosystem with customers that span from Government to Fortune 500 companies. 

We love our Good technology customers and are so happy to partner with Good!

Team Member Spotlight


Get to know Team Branchfire!

Our next team member spotlight is on Kiran, our Product Manager. 

Kiran loves keeping up with beautifully designed products that respond to problems that we encounter everyday. He wants to share some of his favorites with you!

Tell us why you chose these products?

Well, I love them all, but if I had to choose some stand out favorites from the bunch, it would be my Apple Products, Nike Gear and Sonos Speakers. 

• Apple - They help me stay organized and connected while switching back and forth from work mode, school mode, and relaxing mode at home.

• Nike - The most useful, fashionable and well designed sports gear for an active lifestyle.

• Sonos - The best sounding wireless speaker solution out there. The best part of it all, no remotes and no wires.

What are you involved with outside of work?

Currently I am pursuing a Masters in Product Design and Development Management at Northwestern University. Being active is also a huge part of my life. I usually run and hit the weights everyday, and when time allows it, try to play some basketball.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I think it’s the culture that we have fostered here. That and we’re always striving to deliver a better product, which makes us focus on delivering creative and innovative solutions for our customers. 

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

I’ve lived in three different countries. I was born in India, move to New Zealand, and grew up in the United States. 

*Products in picture from top left to bottom right – Nike Dri-fit T Shit, Patagonia Better Sweater Vest, Design Thinking, The Design of Business, REI Water Bottle, Sonos Play:1 Speakers, Nike Hyperdunks, Eastman Egg Granola, Marshals Monitor Headphones, Apple TV Remote, iPod Nano, Skagen Watch, Jawbone UP24, Nike Fuelband, Starbucks Coffee, Dog Collar for my Siberian Husky (Taaj), Nikon DSLR, Nike Flyknits, Nike Socks, Moleskin Journal, Macbook Pro, iPhone 6, iPad Mini, WIRED Magazine

User Spotlight: Paul Williams


Get to know our customers!

Our first User Spotlight is on Paul Williams.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a Student Administration manager at an Australian University. I have used iAnnotate for a few years now and utilize it for carrying around our policies, work agreements, formal enquiry papers, meeting papers and recruitment applications

What is a feature that you can’t live without?
The multi tab option. I consistently have around 5-6 tabs open at a time and love being able to switch back and forth between them.

Which do you do most of in iAnnotate- Read/Mark-Up/or Share?
Mark up. I first started out using iAnnotate when I was studying for my MBA and now I use it in meetings.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I am an Apple nut! I have always been an early adopter of Apple products. Just 5 years ago when I had the iPad 1 I would look around the room and would be the only person with one. Now they are everywhere. People would always come to me to learn how to use these new products and get advice on apps that will further drive their experience with the products.

Between Paul and his wife and five kids they have:
2 iMacs
2 Macbooks
3 iPads
5 iPhones
1 Apple TV
(They could be a mini startup!)

Anything else you want to share with us Paul?
Just that I love the product! What I loved about iAnnoate early on was the look of the product. It didn’t look like all the other iOS products out there – it had a classy look about it, very clean. With every update there is also a design update. While some other products keep the same outdated look and feel to their apps, you guys always provide a design that doesn’t get in the way of your work. (shout out to our designer, @Ezra Claytan Daniels!)

iAnnotate is a product I can not do without!

We LOVE hearing from our customers! Thank you Paul!

Team Member Spotlight


Get to know Team Branchfire!

Our first team member spotlight will be on James, our QA Engineer.

What are you involved with outside of work? 

I’m involved in the Open Government Hack Night, an organization which uses open data to do social good like seeing where best to put bike lanes, how to reduce bus congestion, and trying to create easy ways to connect people reporting non-emergencies to some city department that can help them. I’m also a big fan of board game nights up in Andersonville and Logan Square, and dig riding around the lake shore on my bike.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Part of my job (Quality Assurance) is to think of creative ways to break things in apps that we make so that it doesn’t break for the customer. It’s pretty a satisfying feeling when I find a way to break it.

What is your favorite app right now?

I was trained in math and I never grew out of wanting to solve problems, so Wolfram Alpha’s app is amazing. It’s kind of like Google for math and science problems. Check out the website first and all of the cool stuff it can do —- you can even search weird stuff like how cloudy it was in your hometown on the day you were born.

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know that when I’ve got nothing better to do, I like to try to speedrun old video games —- try to beat them as quickly as possible. I’ve got a pretty good time on the Oregon Trail!