The Branchfire Team

Founded in 2011, and based in Chicago, we design software that simplifies how people work. More than one million people worldwide – students, teachers, investors, lawyers and screenwriters – all use our technology to empower their work.

Building great, easy to use software requires a team that thrives on solving tough problems and an innate desire to delight our users. Our team brings together diverse talents and expertise in the fields of computer science, cognitive science, business, and communication.

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Team Members

Ravi Bhatt

Ravi Bhatt Co-Founder / CEO

Jim Brink

Jim Brink Co-Founder / CTO

Steve Hockema

Steve Hockema Co-Founder / Engineering

Nandini Adiyodi

Nandini Adiyodi Quality Assurance

Talha Basit

Talha Basit Product

Matthew Callahan

Matthew Callahan Product Management

Ezra Daniels

Ezra Daniels Design

Adam Doud

Adam Doud Support

Matt Knowles

Matt Knowles Engineering

Kiran Kripakaran

Kiran Kripakaran Marketing

April Muller

April Muller Support

Lauren O’Connell

Lauren O’Connell Administration

Linda Pedalino

Linda Pedalino Administration

Andrew Proksel

Andrew Proksel Engineering

James Salvatore

James Salvatore Quality Assurance