New in 4.5!

Read on for more information about how to merge PDFs, quickly find your files with the new search, and manage pages in the updated navigation system. 




One of the most requested features will soon be a reality! In this latest update, you’ll be able to merge documents together directly in the library. Select one or more PDFs, press the “…” button at the bottom of the screen, and choose the “Merge” option.

Once you arrange the files in the right order, iAnnotate will open a new copy of the merged files in a new tab. This will only work with files located in the same folder at first, but we are working toward expanding that capability in the future. 


Our new, speedy search panel will show you the results in your document, and throughout your entire library, including cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive! You will be able to quickly switch from document search to full-library search at the bottom of the panel. If you tap a full-library result, the file will open without closing the search panel.

For some cloud storage solutions, we even search inside the files’ text. On iPhone, the panel won't even be there anymore! Instead, there will be a search toolbar at the top to make it easier to read the document while navigating the results.




The new navigation will make it easier to add, remove, rotate and rearrange pages! Hit the navigation box at the top right-hand side of the screen and click edit to add, delete or rearrange pages. 

Bookmarks and outlines will no longer be separated in outline view. The bookmark will be visible on the page that you place it in, in outline view.

To see the annotations you've made throughout, just click the new notes button on the bottom of the panel!


We love to hear from our customers, so keep an eye out for the new update and once you download, please write in and tell us what you think! Happy annotating!

Trends of the Times: Enterprise Mobility

By now, enterprise mobility is a familiar concept to most. Over the last several years, it has absolutely exploded— and for good reason! In an interconnected world, our mobile devices are always with us. Organizations are starting to realize that they’re not only convenient, but also provide an element of flexibility that employees love.

Enterprises, large and small, are rapidly embracing all aspects of mobile within the workplace. So much so, that the number of devices managed in the enterprise went up 72% in just one year! That number is only increasing as more and more companies are getting used to the idea of utilizing smartphones and tablets as a professional asset.

One of the largest factors that is driving this trend, is the practice of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), where employees work off of their their personal devices.

  • In fact, according to a study by Forbes, 49% of employees think they’re more productive when using their own device because they’re more comfortable operating their own.
  • Additionally, Staffbase reports that 78% of employees believe that using a single mobile device helps them manage their professional and personal lives. Having access to the information they need at all times allows employees to immediately respond to emails or work on a project while doing something like waiting for their car to be serviced.

Of course, enterprise mobility requires employees to have enterprise-specific apps. As more organizations create apps for their employees, the amount of time spent working away from the office (both working during one’s downtime and remotely) has increased.

  • A report from Digital Strategy Consulting indicates that around 60% of employees use apps for work-related activity.

  • The same report points out that about 9 out of 10 app users say that apps for work have changed their behavior as a professional.

With this, however, comes a need for these apps to be designed specifically for mobile devices. Those who are creating these enterprise apps need to take into account that employees want their information in a way that fits the device they’re working from. Enterprises that offer apps intended for mobile devices to their employees foster a more productive environment by allowing workers to access vital information on their own time.

Through this rapid mobility growth, we’ve seen the very nature of how we work start to shift. Does your organization allow employees to work from their mobile devices? Where do you think mobility will go? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!


iAnnotate Tips & Tricks!

Want to get the most out of iAnnotate? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you take advantage of all the cool things iAnnotate 4 has to offer!


You can view iAnnotate differently depending on how you tap! One finger tap gets rid of your tabs, while tapping with three fingers gets rid of both the tabs and the toolbar!

                           One finger tap                                                                Three finger tap


Scrolling with two fingers is another helpful gesture! Select from pencil, highlighter, underline, or strikeout. Then, mark something up, use two fingers to scroll down to another page or section, and wha-la! The tool is temporarily suspended to allow you to move throughout the document. When you get to the section you want, continue to markup without having to re-select the tool!

Two Document View

Ever wish that you could work on two documents at the same time? Well, you can! Two Document View enables you to multitask intelligently. Utilize all of the same features used to markup and manage your documents in regular view, to work simultaneously. 

Screenshot 3 YES.jpg

Drag and Drop

This is a feature only available on iOS 11 and iPad. By tapping and holding down a file, you have the ability to drag it to another storage repository! Need to move multiple files? No problem! Keep your finger pressed on the first file, then use your other hand to click on each additional file you'd like to move. 

Drag and Drop.jpg

Need to move files out of iAnnotate entirely? You can do that, too! Drag your file, or files, to the bottom of the screen and use your other hand to swipe up to reveal the bottom bar that shows your apps. Then, simply hover the files over the app you'd like to move them to.

Drag and drop 2.jpg

Do you already use these features? If so, we'd love to hear how you use them! Please comment below and let us know!

Attention All Version 3 Users!

As some of you Version 3 users may have already noticed, there’s an error when trying to sync iAnnotate with Dropbox. This version uses a Dropbox configuration that was discontinued by Dropbox at the end of 2017. 

Going forward, we will be focusing solely on the support of iAnnotate 4, which is our current version. There are some users still on Version 3, but we strongly recommend upgrading to take advantage of not only the Dropbox connection, but the latest and greatest of what iAnnotate has to offer as well.

As always, our team is always here and happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.


The Branchfire Team

New Year, No Paper!

We want to start 2018 by thanking all of our incredible customers! We truly appreciate the feedback, suggestions, and support you’ve shown us over the years. In 2017, iAnnotate users from all over the world read and marked up millions of documents. While iAnnotate is about more than just going paperless, it's hard to ignore the environmental impact we're making. Together, iAnnotate users have avoided printing and saved tens of thousands of trees! And we're eager to help save thousands more in 2018!

We have some big plans for 2018 that we can't reveal just yet, but in the spirit of a new year, here are a few more reasons to keep the celebration going:

Advanced Search

When looking for a specific term, you will be able to easily find results in that file or throughout your library from an all new, easy-to-use panel.

Search Button@2x.png

Group 11@2x.png

PDF Merge

Soon, you will be able to merge PDFs together, one of our most popular feature requests.

Offline Improvements

We're going to improve offline annotation to make it a seamless experience. It'll feel like you're online, even when you have no Internet access.


Toolbar Button@2x.png

Annotation Improvements

We want to make it easier to edit annotations after they’ve been made. We’re also adding an option to perform bulk actions with annotations, like selecting multiple to delete or copy at the same time

Other Platforms

We're looking at expanding to other platforms, so everyone can use iAnnotate. Let us know what kinds of devices you'd like us to support! 


Leave us a comment below and let us know which new feature you’re most excited about!

We hope this year is filled with lots of love, laughter, and, of course, annotations!