10 Odd Ways to Use Your Annotation App

When we set out to make the first PDF annotation app for iPad, we knew it would be useful for students, teachers, lawyers, and other professionals needing to read and highlight a lot of paperwork. What we didn’t expect is all the truly unique use cases that followed. From stage managers to dungeon masters, there are people using iAnnotate in ways we never anticipated.

Here are some of our favorite examples:


Fleegle’s Blog featured an early version of iAnnotate in the post "Knitting with the iPad." The author imports knitting patterns straight from the web and uses highlighters to color-code her place and identify problem areas in the pattern.

Other knitters soon followed suit:

Horse Racing

Spectators download Past Performance (PPs) and Daily Racing Forms (DRFs) straight to their iPads.

Dungeon Mastering

RPG Mapping

Other RPG gamers use it to mark up maps: 

"Ultimately, this tool finally marries content with function. I have my map and I can make notes on it, but with all the benefits of computing: infinite note space, editing, searching and easy filing. Woohoo!"

See the rest of the review here.


xboxthebeatboxer on appato.com:

"I read and markup research articles, read and annotate my open source text books, load my cook book recipes for use while cooking, present my graphic design clients with contracts so they can sign in-app, and much more.”

NOT Cooking

Voice Acting

Twitter followers @loreleiking, @bardicvoice, & @anthonyvoice love iAnnotate for learning their scripts and narrating audiobooks.

Stage Management

Stage Managers and theater techs like @anthonypoa use iAnnotate in the rehearsal room. It’s even used behind the scenes at awards shows like the Grammys and Oscars!

Starting Your Own Business

Proofread like a pro without the cost of printing:


'Nuff said.

Are we missing something? Tell us about it! We’d love to hear the creative ways YOU use iAnnotate. Email us or tweet with #HowIAnnotate.