Folia Works For Groups

We heard from a lawyer who uses Folia during depositions, when he needs to ask a witness questions about a document. Previously he’d print a copy to hand to witnesses, ask his questions, then have them circle relevant spots in response. As soon as the witness did, he’d pass the printout to colleagues in the room so they could all make notes.

Now he just opens the document in Folia on his iPad and hands it to his witness. When he asks his questions the witness draws or highlights at the appropriate spot, while his colleagues watch the document updating in real-time on their laptops. Everybody in the room gets the full context for the annotation without having to halt the proceedings, dramatically increasing understanding and speeding up the deposition.

When we talk to users of other annotation tools (like our app iAnnotate), they often tell us that they mark up documents alone, but then use email or another service to share with someone as an attachment. The truth is most people work on documents with someone else, but annotation tools don't always make it easy to do that.

With features like real-time sync and collaborative markup, Folia is designed to empower groups of users working together. Whether you’re taking a deposition with your team, reviewing documents with your boss, or studying for an exam, we want Folia to make your job faster and easier.

Are you using Folia in a group, or to share a document with someone else? If so we'd love to hear from you, so write to our support team and let us know.

Ravi Bhatt