How do you use iAnnotate?

Tell us how you use iAnnotate!

At Branchfire we work hard to stay in touch with our customers. Whether you write in with a question, or you just have a note for the team, we’re all ears. Sometimes we’ll even get on the phone to talk about how you’re using the app.

The other day, we spoke with a professor who uses iAnnotate's voice annotation feature as a way to give feedback on term papers. His experience taught him that voice was more personal than a written comment, so he uses our app to append short comments and suggestions instead of writing with that dreaded red pen. Our discussion gave us several ideas for improving his process in a new product we're working on.

This type of insight is critical as we strive to help you improve the way you work. And while we can’t talk to all of you, we still want to hear about how you use the app. Do you annotate at school or at work? Maybe both? Do you mark up documents to share, or keep personal notes?

Fill out this quick little survey (only two questions!) to tell us how you use iAnnotate. Thanks in advance for your feedback, we will read every response.

iAnnotateRavi Bhatt