Folia is live!

We recently released our new cross-platform annotation app Folia, and the first update is coming soon! We upgraded our iAnnotate for Android users to Folia. It's a new, separate app on iPhone and iPad

Here are just a few cool things you can do with Folia:

  • Markup almost any document, including Microsoft Office files, Google Docs, PDFs, images and more
  • Access documents on all devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android and web
  • Share your work with anyone to annotate together, even in real-time
  • Import documents from device or the cloud
  • Use our zoom drawing tool to sign papers and more
  • Export annotation summaries to create a list of annotations

We’ve spoken with an author using Folia to mark up a copy of her book, a lawyer who uses our summary feature to generate a list of annotations on case law, students who want to take notes in class together. If you haven’t used Folia yet, check it out here for Android, and here for iPhone and iPad. And if you have questions about how to use Folia visit our support site where you can read our articles or send us a note.

Ravi Bhatt