Get Ready for Folia v2

Last year we launched Folia with a simple objective: annotate any document, on any device, with anyone in the world. Since then we’ve seen Folia used by copyeditors to review manuscripts, attorneys to analyze evidence, consultants to share advice with their clients, and many others.

Now we’re bringing this experience to a new level with Folia v2. In the new version, instead of working with individual documents you'll work in Folias - powerful workspaces for presenting ideas and getting feedback.

In v2 you'll be able to do the following:

  • Work in groups of documents, for projects or sharing a number of files
  • Watch the activity in your Folias, to see who's annotating what, and when
  • Add comments to your annotations, for back-and-forth conversations with colleagues and clients
  • Start working on the web (full annotation functionality coming soon!)

Don't worry, your favorite Folia features are still available, including all of the annotations, support for cloud import, the ability to share, and more.

Folia v2 allows new users access to one personal Folia for free, with up to 20 documents and shared with up to 5 other people. Premium plans allow you to start creating multiple Folias per month.

For users upgrading from a previous version of the Folia app, we will turn each of your individual documents into a Folia for free, so you start with a few extra!

We're very excited about the possibilities of working with sets of documents. Stay tuned to the blog to learn more.

Ravi Bhatt