Why we built folia v2

Earlier today we launched folia v2 (if you're already a folia user you can read about what this means to you here). I thought it would be a good idea to share with you why we chose to make some changes with this new version.

When we asked people why they use folia, the answer was usually something like this: I need to annotate my documents to take notes.

But when we dig deeper, we learn that people really want something else. They want to:

  • Capture ideas before a big presentation
  • Highlight sections of legal documents and the export notes
  • Share notes and feedback on a student’s homework

You don’t work on documents. You work with other people, on projects, tasks, and ideas.

Annotation apps help with this. You can use them to read a document and take notes at the same time, then send these notes to someone else to review. But they still have limitations that prevent them from being an integral part of your day.

  • You can only work on one document at a time
  • Different document types have different types of comments (think PDF versus PowerPoint)
  • The person you share the file with needs a similar app to open and view the annotated document

These are just a few of issues we’ve seen our customers run into. That’s why we just re-invented folia as a service that helps you present and communicate with your content.

folia still lets you mark up your files, but the real power comes into play when you pull several documents into a single folia. Not only can you mark them up yourself, but you can invite others to the folia to comment on the set with you, and track their work in our activity panel.

Imagine a consultant sharing documents with a client. She might send an email with attachments, or put them in a folder on Dropbox and share a link. With folia she can package the files for them, and let them mark them up, or even engage in a conversation. It’s a great way to answer questions and get feedback, in order to provide her clients with a better experience.

Or let’s say you need to review a set of documents with your team at work. Instead of putting them all in a cloud storage folder, or even worse printing them all, try putting them in a folia. Then your team can use the app to discuss the documents, to edit and approve them together. Document review is easier when you content and tools are all in one place.

We're excited about how folia brings documents and people together, providing you with a powerful engine to present and discuss your content and ideas. Create a Folia account today to get started.

Ravi Bhatt