Working With Multiple Documents

Most productivity apps work with one document at a time, but folia v2 takes a different approach. We believe your projects, work and ideas are spread across multiple files, so we let you collect and share content in folias.

One file is sad, but many files together are happy!

One file is sad, but many files together are happy!

If you upgraded from a previous version of folia you'll find that each of your documents is in its own folia. You can import more documents into each folia, to start collecting content in one spot. You can also share with 5 users (and more on our Pro tier).

Here's some tips to help you get the most out of your folias:

  • Don't create a new folia for each document. Instead, when documents are related, put them together in the same folia. That way you can work on them as a group.
  • Share a folia with other people to have them leave comments on your documents.
  • Name your folia to reflect its contents, like "Q3 Marketing Campaign" or "Student Texts". Change the description to add more detail or instructions.
  • When you need to deliver a set of documents to someone, consider using a folia. That way they can mark up the files and leave you feedback all in one spot.

Remember, upgraded users will see a folia for each document, but you can immediately start importing more. Write to our support team if you have any questions.

Ravi Bhatt