Annotate on the Web with folia!

folia users have shared and reviewed countless documents through our mobile apps. They've created folias, uploaded documents, and made annotations on iPhone, iPad and Android. Meanwhile, our web version only allowed them to view documents and annotations. You had to use folia on a mobile device for the full experience.

Now we're excited to announce that folia offers annotation and other critical features right on the web. With this update, folia brings the complete experience on phone, tablet and desktop.

With the new features in our web app, you can:

  • Upload documents from the desktop with drag-and-drop
  • Mark them up with shapes, pins, and typewriter annotations
  • Move, delete, or change the style of annotations
  • Read and respond to conversations

These improvements let you use folia entirely from your browser, making it easier than ever to get and give feedback on documents. Imagine you start your workday with several documents you need someone to review. Upload them to a folia, add a few markups, and share right from your computer.

And with our powerful sync technology, your folias always have the latest docs and annotations. Students using folia can mark up documents in class, then review them on a computer later to see if anyone replied. Workers can add documents from their office computers to read on their phones on the commute home.

We're actively working on the rest of our features to the web, including support for ink, highlight, underline and strikeout annotations. But don't wait for that, start using our new annotation features today. Hit us up on Twitter if you have any questions.

Ravi Bhatt