Introducing iAnnotate 4!

When we built iAnnotate back in 2011 we had a feeling it might catch on. We had no idea it would grow into one of the most popular productivity apps for the iPad. But here we are, five years later, still bringing in new users.

Now we're introducing iAnnotate 4, a major update of the app with features you've all been asking for. Version 4 is a new app. It will not replace your old iAnnotate, but will be the focus of our development from now on.

Here's some of what's new in iAnnotate 4:


You can read, annotate and share documents right on your phone. We brought all your favorite features to this smaller device, so you can continue to work when you're on the go.

iPad Pro

We've heard from a lot of iPad Pro users who want to use iAnnotate in multitasking mode, so we made that possible. Now you can annotate while you play music in iTunes and do other important things. :) We even added special support for the Pencil (automatically start to draw when it touches the screen) and Smart Keyboard (hold down the 'command' button to see a list of keyboard shortcuts).

New Annotations

Version 4 includes support for rectangle, circle, and arrow annotations. We also added a new-and-improved signature tool that makes zooming in to write easier than ever.

Webpages and Image

Open a webpage right in a tab, then clip to PDF and mark it up. Only iAnnotate offers this straightforward web annotation feature. It's perfect for students, teachers, and anyone else who wants to grab an article from their favorite site.

iAnnotate 4 also offers image sharing. We still convert them to PDF, but give you the option to share back out as an image with your annotations flattened. You can text message them, share on Facebook and Twitter, and more!

Easier Save Experience

In the original iAnnotate, it wasn't always clear to users when their documents save back to their device or the cloud. We improved this in iAnnotate - now documents save when you switch tabs, and will also give you a chance to save when you close them out.

More Cloud Options

New in version 4 is iCloud support. Just create an iCloud connection and store your documents there to make backup a breeze. We also built support for OneDrive for Business, one of our most commonly requested features.

Lots of Small Upgrades

One thing that excited us about iAnnotate 4 was the opportunity to make a lot of small improvements to the app's experience, while still retaining the overall design. Here are a few cool new features to look out for:

  • Work on as many documents as you want to with unlimited tabs!
  • Try our new single action button for easier sharing through your favorite apps.
  • Our powerful new plus button simplifies importing documents to your library.
  • New toolbar buttons let you show only the tools you want to see.

As a final note, we want to say thank you to all of our users. You have been such an important part of the iAnnotate story, and we really hope you stay with us as we start writing this new chapter.


Ravi Bhatt