New in 4.5!

Read on for more information about how to merge PDFs, quickly find your files with the new search, and manage pages in the updated navigation system. 




One of the most requested features will soon be a reality! In this latest update, you’ll be able to merge documents together directly in the library. Select one or more PDFs, press the “…” button at the bottom of the screen, and choose the “Merge” option.

Once you arrange the files in the right order, iAnnotate will open a new copy of the merged files in a new tab. This will only work with files located in the same folder at first, but we are working toward expanding that capability in the future. 


Our new, speedy search panel will show you the results in your document, and throughout your entire library, including cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive! You will be able to quickly switch from document search to full-library search at the bottom of the panel. If you tap a full-library result, the file will open without closing the search panel.

For some cloud storage solutions, we even search inside the files’ text. On iPhone, the panel won't even be there anymore! Instead, there will be a search toolbar at the top to make it easier to read the document while navigating the results.




The new navigation will make it easier to add, remove, rotate and rearrange pages! Hit the navigation box at the top right-hand side of the screen and click edit to add, delete or rearrange pages. 

Bookmarks and outlines will no longer be separated in outline view. The bookmark will be visible on the page that you place it in, in outline view.

To see the annotations you've made throughout, just click the new notes button on the bottom of the panel!


We love to hear from our customers, so keep an eye out for the new update and once you download, please write in and tell us what you think! Happy annotating!

Nikki Monroe