The Future of iAnnotate

We launched the first version of iAnnotate over four years ago, and it immediately became a top-selling productivity app on the iPad. This was all possible because of the conversations we’ve had with you. Ever since we first went live, you’ve been telling us how you use our app to mark up and share your most important documents.

You’ve also told us how we could make the app better. You want to work from anywhere, on literally any device. You want fast access to files, and a design that speeds you up instead of getting in your way. Finally, you want ways to make and share your notes as effortlessly as possible.

About a year ago we started working on this vision, and now we’re announcing the first step. We’ve launched a brand new version of our Android app as an opening step toward making iAnnotate the easiest, most powerful way to leave your mark on the world.

In the coming months you’re going to see continuous updates from us, both for Android and other platforms. The new iAnnotate will back up your work to the cloud, make annotating faster and easier, and allow you to work with more types of documents than ever before. You’ll even find new ways to share and collaborate on your work.

As excited as we are, we can’t make the best markup experience in the world without your help. So please, use iAnnotate, review iAnnotate, share it with your friends and send us your feedback! We’re always around on social media, or you can write our support team for a personal reply.

Watch for announcements from us in the next few months. We’ve got some cool things in the works!