Big improvements and big ideas


Over the past couple of years, we’ve been on a great journey.  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on iAnnotate and learning from all of you that use our product – we owe you a lot.

Currently, more than one million people are using iAnnotate.  The different uses for the product are remarkable.  University students use it to take notes in class.  It’s used in boardrooms at large corporations.  Real estate agents use iAnnotate to mark up and share listings.  Lawyers are using it to do legal research and prepare for depositions.  Actors and producers on popular television shows use it to review scripts and send notes to writers.

iAnnotate has also grown into a product family.  We’ve built security-enhanced versions for the enterprise, which are used today by hundreds of companies globally.  In addition, we turned the core of our product into a software development kit (SDK) that powers more than 100 other apps built by companies ranging from small startups to big tech firms.

Today, we are thrilled to be announcing a new major update to iAnnotate for the iPad.   We’ve worked extensively with customers to learn how they use iAnnotate and how we can make it better, and the result is a totally redesigned product.  It’s now easier to work with, more powerful, and frankly the best software we’ve built to date.

The future


But, behind the scenes, we’ve been designing and refining the technology for our next product, which is cloud-based and will work on any device.

When we founded Branchfire in 2011, we were guided by a simple idea that authorship and communication must evolve beyond the word processor.

I know – you’ve heard it before.  In the past year, we’ve seen the release of several “new, revolutionary” authoring tools taking the same rhetorical approach (“the word processor is dead”).  But those tools are still the same old word processor with minor tweaks – word processing in the cloud, minimalist word processing, word processing with chat messaging, word processing with live collaboration.

All of that misses the point.  Communication is about capturing and sharing perspective, and sharing perspective requires us to be able to reveal relationships between things, not just characterize ideas in words.

We are building the next-generation authoring tool to enable that type of communication, where people can create, connect, mark up, and share interactive webs of documents.

We are excited to share more in the coming weeks – stay tuned.


Ravi Bhatt

Co-Founder & CEO